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Welcome To Thresholds

November 5th 2014

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:

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The Ache in Ali Smith’s Stories

November 19th 2014

'Consider the word 'quirky'. Consider the number of times the word is applied to the works of Ali Smith ... But maybe it's not that these stories are 'quirky', it's that so many others are too sedate...' TRACY MAYLATH looks beyond the quirkiness of Ali Smith's stories.

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Dark Satanic Mills

November 17th 2014

PAT TOMPKINS considers the flawed but powerful story of human aspiration and the consequences of industrialisation: 'Life in the Iron Mills’ brings us a view of outsiders, those ignored and disdained by the wider society. As the best short stories do, it gives voice to the lonely...'


The Insufferable Miss Snell

November 12th 2014

JL BOGENSCHNEIDER finds humanity in Richard Yates' short story 'Fun with a Stranger': 'He has a particular knack of empathising with even the most flawed of his characters; fanning out their vulnerabilities like a poker hand to prove that they’re human, like the rest of us...'


Carver: An Appreciation

November 10th 2014

In this essay, EVAN GUILFORD-BLAKE finds that Carver's stories are 'populated by seemingly uncomplicated people, but they are people who are damaged or empty; vessels, which Carver’s carefully controlled compassion gives us reasons to want to fix and fill...'


A Handbook for Being Human

November 6th 2014

HOLLY DAWSON examines the themes and preoccupations of David Constantine's short stories: 'If there were a handbook on how to be human when sadness and cruelty are an intrinsic part of being alive, Tea at the Midland would be it...'

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Contemplating ‘Mr Carlton’

November 3rd 2014

NEIL CAMPBELL pauses for thought in the world of David Constantine: 'The contemplation of those moments helps our humanity, and it helps Mr Carlton, provides solace. Constantine, like Hemingway before him, has a naturalist’s eye for observed detail.'


Possession, Obsession and Unfriendly Ghosts

October 29th 2014

'These tales are not classic ghost stories to be read aloud by candlelight at the fireside. They are unlikely to keep you awake at night, twitching at the creaks and groans of an empty house. But they will linger long after reading, as they haunt the deepest recesses of your psyche and buried fears...' TRACY FELLS takes us into the beating heart of these ghostly tales.


Short Story Masterclass with… Michel Faber

October 27th 2014

PODCAST: In the first instalment of this series of Short Story Masterclass podcasts, Jac Cattaneo talks with MICHEL FABER about keeping the reader in safe hands, writers making things up, sadness and poignancy, and stories determining their own lengths.

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Mirror Images

October 22nd 2014

MIKE SMITH compares two stories from James Salter's collection Last Night: 'The trajectories of both narratives, although not quite parallel, run close enough for the reader to be aware of the similarities between them. It is as if the author has been testing the same theory under alternative conditions...'

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