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Welcome To Thresholds

September 26th 2014

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:

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Similarities and Differences

October 22nd 2014

MIKE SMITH compares two stories from James Salter's collection Last Night: 'The trajectories of both narratives, although not quite parallel, run close enough for the reader to be aware of the similarities between them. It is as if the author has been testing the same theory under alternative conditions...'


Three Stories and Me

October 20th 2014

SÉAMUS DUGGAN explores three short stories that 'contain a true sense of the world’s absurdity: a drunkard Klansman planning to teach some bootleggers a lesson; a peasant putting life and limb at risk for a bitch that he had, just a few minutes earlier, tried to drown; a punch line turned back on the joker...'

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Thoughts of Home

October 15th 2014

SUSMITA BHATTACHARYA tells of the stories that remind her of home in Murzban F. Shroff's collection Breathless in Bombay: 'It breathes on my bookshelf, picked up by me time and again, flooding my home in England with the sights, smells and chaos of my homeland.'

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Time to Talk About Humour

October 13th 2014

JONATHAN PINNOCK explores the humour in Nick Parker's The Exploding Boy and Other Tiny Tales: '...the humorous writer has a whole kit of additional tools to bring to bear on a subject. Even the serious ones. Especially the serious ones...'



October 8th 2014

'It is not often that a modern writer achieves the dubious honour of having an adjective coined as a result of their work. But a word has been added to our lexicon in the case of J. G. Ballard...' DREW WHITTET explores the development of Ballard's science fiction short stories.

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Stranger on the Shore

October 6th 2014

STEPHEN DEVEREUX sees the modern world reflected in Joseph Conrad's tragic story of a shipwrecked migrant: A lesser writer might have been content with the telling of a story of how a poor uneducated girl overcomes the xenophobia of a rural community, but Conrad has only just begun.


A Taste of First Love, Last Rites

September 29th 2014

JENNIE RYAN gives a taste of Ian McEwan's short story 'Butterflies', from his collection First Love, Last Rites: 'Ian McEwan powerfully evokes both the desolation of the urban landscape of London in the early 1970s and its equally emotionally desolate inhabitants.'

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Love and Aloneness in the Stories of Carson McCullers

September 24th 2014

TESS ST.CLAIR-FORD finds the life of Carson McCullers reflected in her remarkable short stories: 'It is the themes of "love and aloneness" that are the defining bedfellows of McCullers’ stories. Always present in McCullers’ work is an overwhelming sense of sadness, of place, of loss and of threads left untied...'

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Varieties of Disturbance: Stories by Lydia Davis

September 22nd 2014

TIM LOVE explores the ground-breaking stories of Lydia Davis and finds that her writing defies easy categorisation: 'Davis sometimes isolates a sentence or idea, removing it from its context, a concept that's analogous to placing it on a plinth in the white-space of an art gallery.'

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