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Welcome To Thresholds

February 2nd 2015

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:


Of Free Will, and Not Killing

February 23rd 2015

'I have come across quite a few such readers who react vehemently to the Saunders worldview. They wonder why he bends the moral situation so far that it almost breaks. But some, like me, may beg to differ...' JOSE VARGHESE takes us into the intricacies of George Saunders' 'Escape from Spiderhead'.


Profiling George Mackay Brown

February 16th 2015

'The history, landscape and natural rhythms of the Orkney Islands were Brown’s inspiration...' CAROLA HUTTMANN examines the life and writings of George Mackay Brown.


An Interview with Zoe Gilbert

February 9th 2015

Join Vicki Heath in conversation with ZOE GILBERT, winner of this year's prestigious Costa Short Story Award...

FEATURE_Edwardain Couple_WIlliam Creswell

Author Profile: D.H. Lawrence

February 2nd 2015

ROSEMARY GEMMELL takes a look at the short stories of one of the giants of English literature: 'D.H. Lawrence has left a profound legacy of stories that explore what it means to be human, fragile, and capable of great love and deep cruelty...'



January 26th 2015

'If I told you that a short story collection saved me as a reader and as a writer, would you believe me? Probably not. But it’s true...' GINA PARSONS finds her writing self through the stories of Robert Shearman.

FEATURE_Reading-street-Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen

An Interview with an Elusive Writer

January 21st 2015

In a special follow-up post to his shortlisted feature, Stephen Devereux interviews the elusive author Helen Harris, gaining insight into her writing processes, her choice of narrative perspective, and teaching creative writing...


Fairy Tales and Thomas Hardy

January 19th 2015

CHRISTINE GENOVESE considers the influence of fairy tales on the short stories of Thomas Hardy: 'The magic in ‘The Fiddler of the Reels’ is illusory. Hardy does not pull rabbits out of hats. That would upset the balance...'

FEATURE_Stromness_ Alan Jamieson

On George Mackay Brown

January 14th 2015

FRANCESCA CREFFIELD explores the life and writing of George Mackay Brown: '...once I started reading the stories I was immersed in a rich culture of storytelling unlike any I had ever known before. Gone were the creative writing rules of beginning, middle and end...'


No Story Without Trouble

January 12th 2015

PRATIBHA CASTLE takes a reflective look at Kevin Barry's award-winning short stories: 'Barry’s stories creak with trouble. His words throb dark and heavy on the page. His landscapes are hostile...'

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