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Feature Writing Competition 2016

January 11th 2016

NOW OPEN & FREE TO ENTER, with a £500 first prize. You have until Sunday 06 March, 11:59pm (GMT) to get your feature essays in for the 2015 THRESHOLDS International Short Fiction Feature Writing Competition…

FEATURE_turner Hero and Leander

Art and the Short Story

February 8th 2016

'I am intrigued by the areas in which the ideas behind works of art reflect those behind short stories; the less tangible, psychological links – the things that light up my subconscious when I’m reading a story or looking at a work of art…' DAVID FRANKEL explores the overlap between art and short fiction.


And Other Stories…

February 1st 2016

C.D. ROSE discovers the writing of Bulgarian author Georgi Gospodinov for the first time: 'It is one of the most perfect stories I have ever read, doing exactly what a short story can do best, and what only a short story can do: encapsulate lifetimes in minutes…'


Short Story Masterclass with… Jane Gardam

January 27th 2016

PODCAST: In the first instalment of this series of Short Story Masterclass podcasts, JAC CATTANEO talks with award winning author JANE GARDAM about the never-ending nature of the short story form, use of the uncanny, and Death on a Yamaha…


I Didn’t Actually Invent This Story

January 25th 2016

STEPHEN HARGADON both profiles the writing life of Julian Maclaren-Ross and recommends his storytelling voice: 'He is slangy and colloquial, there is much dialogue. This is true. But it is not the whole of his immense gift … His stories are full of crisp, rhythmic exchanges…'


Author Profile: Elizabeth Bowen

January 18th 2016

'Elizabeth Bowen’s commitment to the short story was extraordinary. Best known for her novels, she has said, according to Lee, that she would give up any of these for her short stories…' AIMEE GASSTON draws us into the life and writing of Elizabeth Bowen.

FEATURE_kid in field

A Journey Inside

January 13th 2016

K.S. DEARSLEY on the short stories of Dorothy Richardson: 'We are the narrators of our own stories. The tales we tell ourselves about who we are construct our identity, they are how we make sense of the world…'


Building a World

January 6th 2016

SHARON TELFER demonstrates how the world of a short story can be just as absorbing as that of a novel, through William Faulkner's 'Dry September': '…there it was, a world complete in itself, at once believable yet unsettlingly strange, resonating long after the book is closed…'


Festive Story: O. Henry’s ‘The Cop and the Anthem’

December 21st 2015

In a special Christmas post, we bring you O. Henry's wintry tale 'The Cop and the Anthem': 'When wild geese honk high of nights, and when women without sealskin coats grow kind to their husbands, and when Soapy moves uneasily on his bench in the park, you may know that winter is near at hand…'


Listen. Come in Here. You Want to Know About This

December 16th 2015

VICTORIA HEATH looks at what makes a great first line, by examining Best British Short Stories 2015: '…this is a place where the best of British is collected, and each of these stories must have hooked, from the very first word, the members of the SALT Publishing editorial board…'

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