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Welcome To Thresholds

December 8th 2014

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:


Short Story Masterclass with… Colin Barrett

December 17th 2014

PODCAST: In the final instalment of this Short Story Masterclass series, Jac Cattaneo talks with COLIN BARRETT about the things you leave out of a short story, fictionalised settings, and finding the ending of a story...


Dubliners at Christmastime

December 15th 2014

JOHN VERLING loses himself in The Essential James Joyce at Christmastime: 'I’d never thought of Joyce as a page turner, but I read ‘The Dead’ in double quick time, totally taken aback by its depth yet its simplicity...'

FEATURE_Oscar-Wilde_ William Murphy

The Unrecorded Stories of Oscar Wilde

December 8th 2014

ELEANOR FITZSIMONS discusses Oscar Wilde's ardent storytelling and the stories we never got to read: 'His own popularity was assured by his eagerness to entertain, to the extent that society hostesses took to including the words ‘to meet Oscar Wilde’ on invitations, in a bid to boost attendance at their gatherings...'


Chekhov’s Principles

December 3rd 2014

PETER JORDAN profiles the life and writing of Anton Chekhov: ' writer gets closer to articulating the human condition. It took me a long time to understand what he was doing, I still don’t fully understand, I simply know that when reading his work I feel some emotional shift...'

FEATURE_East-End_ Dominik Morbitzer

Remote from Delight

December 1st 2014

In Arthur Morrison's collection Tales of Mean Streets, MIKE SMITH finds that the characters are 'victims of their own inadequacies, rather than of the injustices of the wider world. To some, this must seem an unsympathetic gaze – the brutality certainly shocked his contemporaries – but we are used to brutality now... How should we see these stories?'

FEATURE_Nigeria street

In Pursuit of a Trailblazing Storyteller

November 26th 2014

KENNETH OKPOMO takes a closer look at one of Nigeria's literary talents: 'Helon Habila's ascendancy into literary fame and stardom did not come by accident or chance; he worked hard for it...'

FEATURE_breakfast-table_ Diego Iaconelli

Short Story Masterclass with… Tessa Hadley

November 24th 2014

PODCAST: In the second instalment of this series of Short Story Masterclass podcasts, Jac Cattaneo talks with TESSA HADLEY about the differences between writing short stories and novels, starting points and the power of speech.

FEATURE_Blossom_Tree_ Toshiyuki IMAI

The Ache in Ali Smith’s Stories

November 19th 2014

'Consider the word 'quirky'. Consider the number of times the word is applied to the works of Ali Smith ... But maybe it's not that these stories are 'quirky', it's that so many others are too sedate...' TRACY MAYLATH looks beyond the quirkiness of Ali Smith's stories.

FEATURE_steel works

Dark Satanic Mills

November 17th 2014

PAT TOMPKINS considers the flawed but powerful story of human aspiration and the consequences of industrialisation: 'Life in the Iron Mills’ brings us a view of outsiders, those ignored and disdained by the wider society. As the best short stories do, it gives voice to the lonely...'

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