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Welcome To Thresholds

November 13th 2015

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum, with over 80,000 visits per year. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:


The Knuckle in the Prose

November 25th 2015

DAVID BUTLER scrutinises the knottiness of Colin Barrett's prose in the collection Young Skins: '…he explains that, rather than character or plot, the first impulse to write a story, and the focus of interest, remains squarely with language…'


The Red-Haired Miss Daintreys

November 23rd 2015

CHRISTINE GENOVESE discusses Rosemond Lehmann's use of personal memory in her short story, The Red-Haired Miss Daintreys: '...a meticulously structured masterpiece, teasingly disguised as haphazard recollections from childhood…'


Flashes of Insight

November 18th 2015

MARCELLA O'CONNOR takes a look at the writing of flash fiction, in particular, that of Stuart Dybek: 'Although flash fiction has gained recognition among writers themselves, criticism and theory have been slow to catch up and Dybek’s flash fictions are often relegated to the poetry section of literary magazines…'


Voices of Impoverishment

November 11th 2015

G.F. PHILLIPS considers the impoverished voices in Carver's short stories: ‘It is a world that conjures up the people’s goal as a means of achieving some kind of ‘American Dream’ in a land made for freedom and plenty. His characters think, speak and act out their shapeless lives, and yet, they adopt a common language…'

FEATURE_vintage new york

Author Profile: Maeve Brennan

November 9th 2015

ELEANOR FITZSIMONS profiles the writing life of Maeve Brennan: '…it should have come as no great surprise to readers of The New Yorker when the Long-Winded Lady, columnist and faithful, if eccentric, documenter of life in the eponymous city, was unmasked as Irishwoman Maeve Brennan, an immigrant who had arrived in her mid-twenties…'


A Servant of his Soil

November 6th 2015

KENNETH STEVEN recommends 'Clay' by Scottish writer Lewis Grassic Gibbon: 'When you read Grassic Gibbon's stories, you feel that cold sore in the ends of fingers and feet, because he succeeds in putting the very smell of that soil on the page…'


How to Create a Sense of Movement in a Story

November 2nd 2015

WRITING EXERCISE: SHAUN LEVIN, creator of the Writing Maps guides for writers, looks at movement in short stories and how to check you're getting enough: 'Kafka manages, in a 181-word story, to include an account of: 1) what is happening, 2) questions regarding what might actually be happening, and 3) a mention of what had been happening before all that is happening started…'


The Drover’s Wife

October 28th 2015

JENNIE RYAN roughs it in the Australian Outback with Henry Lawson's short story, The Drover's Wife: '...he told of a lived experience. His stories are populated with those who truly adopted and loved this new land…'

FEATURE_Lagoon_Carl Jantzen

Walking Inside Ourselves

October 26th 2015

JENNIFER HARVEY peers beneath the surface of The Lagoon by Janet Frame: '...this is an essay about the way a writer sees the world, and the sensitivities a writer brings to experiences which may, at times, come close to madness…'

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