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Welcome To Thresholds

February 2nd 2015

Welcome to THRESHOLDS: home of the international short story forum. Members can participate by joining our team of bloggers, entering into online discussions, and submitting material to Writing Exercises, Author Profiles, We Recommend and Discussions. Contact us at:


2015 Feature Writing Competition

March 24th 2015

The 2015 THRESHOLDS Feature Writing Competition is now open for entries, until Wednesday 29 April, 11:59pm (BST). £500 first prize. 2x £100 runner-up prizes. FREE to enter…

Science (et) fiction - 71

Beta Life

March 23rd 2015

DAVID FRANKEL reflects on Beta Life from Comma Press, an anthology of short fiction and essays: '...what makes these stories particularly interesting is how they explore what it is that makes us human, the things at the core of how we react to the world...'

FEATURE_argeuing couple_Gustavo Gomes

Three Stories About Love

March 16th 2015

RAJAT CHAUDHURI examines the tension in love stories by Hemingway, Calvino and Chekhov: 'What ties these stories together and sets them apart from others is an undertow of tension.'


Writing Short Stories

March 9th 2015

We are pleased to bring you the foreword to Writing Short Stories, by acclaimed author Kate Clanchy: 'The short story, in contrast, shines a harsh light on every word you write and neither gives you a shape nor forgives you for getting the shape wrong...'

Cloudy Day at the Japanese Garden

Graham Greene’s Alice in Wonderland

March 2nd 2015

STEPHEN DEVEREUX takes us into the surreal underworld of Graham Greene's short Story 'Under the Garden': 'Greene plays with our desire for a plausible explanation, for a resolution of the mystery, but never supplies one...'


Of Free Will, and Not Killing

February 23rd 2015

'I have come across quite a few such readers who react vehemently to the Saunders worldview. They wonder why he bends the moral situation so far that it almost breaks. But some, like me, may beg to differ...' JOSE VARGHESE takes us into the intricacies of George Saunders' 'Escape from Spiderhead'.


Profiling George Mackay Brown

February 16th 2015

'The history, landscape and natural rhythms of the Orkney Islands were Brown’s inspiration...' CAROLA HUTTMANN examines the life and writings of George Mackay Brown.


An Interview with Zoe Gilbert

February 9th 2015

Join Vicki Heath in conversation with ZOE GILBERT, winner of this year's prestigious Costa Short Story Award...

FEATURE_Edwardain Couple_WIlliam Creswell

Author Profile: D.H. Lawrence

February 2nd 2015

ROSEMARY GEMMELL takes a look at the short stories of one of the giants of English literature: 'D.H. Lawrence has left a profound legacy of stories that explore what it means to be human, fragile, and capable of great love and deep cruelty...'

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